Enterprise overview of Koway

To build the world's leading epoxy chemical enterprise

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Hunan Kosen New Material Co.,LTD is a Hi-Tech enterprise specialized in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of epoxy chemicals and its related new materials. It stands in East 11 Road, Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, and registered capital up to 20,000,000 Yuan.

The company is a national high-tech enterprise and Hunan famous trademark, Hunan new material enterprise, one governing units of China epoxy resins applied technology institute, the deputy director of the national federation of stone composite boardprofessional committee , one of the members of China stone Association and China building Decoration Association, the vice-chairman unit of Changsha trademark Association, exemplary unit of Changsha intellectual property and Changsha outstanding innovative technology enterprises, ISO9001 quality system certification enterprise. Successively participated in formulating the nationalstandard of ultra-thin stone compositeboard GB/T29059-2012 and industry standards of the poisonous and harmfulmaterial limitation of architectural decoration stone products.

Oriented with the technology-leading development strategy, Kosen has obtained 15 national patents, 2 international patents for inventions. A lot of well-know enterprises in domestic and abroad are using KOWAY products. Now "KOWAY"brand is registered in more than 50 countries and obtained 4 trademark rights. At present, the company has investedmore than 6 million yuan to build stone and electronic adhesive engineering andtechnology centers, established a joint R&D and technology center withIndia, Turkey, Egypt, and other countries.

Hunan Kosen New Material Co.,Ltd insists on the leading technology strategy. At present, we developed 4 production systems, including stone epoxy, electronic epoxy, craft ornaments epoxy hardener, almost 200 varieties. Besides, we have developed the automatic spray machine and block perfusion machine. Till now, we honored 15 national and 5 international invention patents, 25 products filled the blank in domestic technology, 3 items awarded the science and Technology Progress. We have built Guangdong, Fujian, Huadong, Beifang and Xinan offices successively and  several overseas divisions in 30 countries(Turkey, India, middle east, Brazil and Indonesian) , and 2000 corporations adopt "Koway" brand products.

We will invest 110 million yuan to build an annual output of 50,000 tons of epoxy new materials, research and manufacture base which can hold 4,000 sets intelligent spraying equipments. When the project completed, it will fill a number of international and domestic blanks, and the sales revenue will reach 0.5-1 billion Yuan in the next three years. Kosen will be the leader of global epoxy new material industry.

We tend to develop environmental friendly and economical stone chemicals to satisfy customer's demands, based on the concept of professional, concentration and expert, we engage in helping stone industries to develop faster and better.