Lead's Oration of Koway

To build the world's leading epoxy chemical enterprise

In 2008, my partners and me gatheredtogether discussing the promising future of epoxy chemicals in stone industry, withouthesitation, we set up Hunan Kosen New material Co.,Ltd,  Through ourassiduous working and passion, we invented our products and built our own salesnetwork with  innovation, intensive efforts and energy. Under the strongand warmly support of our friends and cooperators, we developed fast andcontinuesly. And we pledge we will provide the best products and best servicewith our cherish heart to our customers.

Hunan Kosen NewMaterial Co.,Ltd will continue insist on the globalization strategy. Atpresent, we are entering the flourishing century. At the same time, we buildthe IPR(Intellectual property protection) System, globalization market layoutand talent team. At present, we set up the office and participate thecompetition of Turkey, India, Iran, Brazil and  several country and area.

Hunan Kosen New Material Co.,Ltd will be inaccordance to the “professional, focus, expert” management idea and responsibleattitude, based on high value products and strong technology ability, we willengage in creating more extra value in this industry.



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