General Advisory: stone industry into the development of fast lane need to pay attention to three points

2017-10-24 20:42:24 admin 10

In the urbanization process speeding up and consumption upgrade under the premise of China's stone industry vigorous development, become the cement steel after the building materials, the capabilities and advantages of super China stone industry in the international market, let Chinese stone export trade to full recovery.

Champoux consulting building materials industry analysts believe that the stone industry is developing rapidly, and stone products continue to increase, consumers are also increasing demand on the stone, the stone industry in both to meet consumer demand and facing the domestic competition situation, should pay attention to three points: first, we should adjust the industrial structure, stone industry the marketing mode, each enterprise should also maintain a healthy competition, industrial integration of road, to create high-end enterprises; two, the stone industry should intensify efforts to develop the domestic market, the development of the west, the consolidation of the East, truly expand domestic demand and increase security; three, the use of good policy, the implementation of the international market diversification strategy, to maintain the existing market, the development of new markets.

As one of the largest stone production and marketing countries in the world, China's stone market has attracted much attention and will usher in a new round of development opportunities. At present, China's stone industry has also gone to the road of modernization, the development mode has begun to change. The first year of this year as the 12th Five-Year plan, in the face of urbanization and a rebound in the international market, China's stone industry of products, technology and management, continuous innovation, accelerate enterprise / upgrade and industry layout adjustment, and constantly improve the international competitiveness.

Champoux consulting released "2011-2016 China Wood-based Panel Industry Research Report" shows that in 2010 China's import and export of stone and the total number was increased in 2010, imports and exports were $6 billion 395 million, 33 million 860 thousand tons, an increase of 27% in 2010 and 15.5% respectively. A great increase shows that China's stone trade has gone out of the trough and entered the fast lane of development. At the end of 12th Five-Year, China's stone imports will reach US $4 billion 500 million, with an export amounting to US $7 billion 500 million, and the transition from stone power to stone / power industry will be completed.

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