KOWAY -New Technology of Vacuum Filling and Reinforcing

2017-09-29 16:06:46 admin 3

Today, due to huge waste of resources and big economic losses of stone enterprises caused by natural breakage of stone, how to improve the mining rate of stone quarries and yield rate has become a worldwide problem, also the stone industry is expecting to solve the major problem.

Hunan Kosen New Materials Co., Ltd. focusing on the development of stone adhesive for 8 years, invests a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to focus on research and development of stone mines, blocks reinforcement products, last year Koway has developed out high pressure perfusion automation machine technology system successfully to fill the international blank.With world class techniques, advantages of low cost, high efficiency, Koway has completely solved the block sawing damage problems due to the general permeability cracks.Now this technology has been applied in a number of domestic stone production enterprises in China and foreign companies such as in Turkey, Egypt, India, Brazil etc.With its excellent filling effect of reinforcement, Koway has got very good reputation from all of our clients.

However, due to diversification of block damages, limitations of high pressure perfusion reinforcement system, Koway has successfully developed the latest technology for stone reinforce,emt - vacuum perfusion system this year, This system has been awarded with more than 10 patented technology, The automatic vacuum equipment and accessories realize low viscosity, high permeability, moisture-resistant epoxy adhesive on the surface of the block and the internal integration of reinforcement, thus completely solve sawing damage problem on Altman, Magnolia, jade, lightning, ham ma beige blocks which is caused by the cracks, barrier through the cracks, granules and other reasons. The technology is characterized by high efficiency (one machine with some blocks at one time), low cost (about 300-500 yuan / cubic meter) and excellent performance(currently the best reinforcement technology) and other characteristics, it has been regarded as the stone industry savior,a histrocial technological innovation, turning waste into treasure. The new technology has been applied in domestic companies such as Guangming, Xin Pengfei, Dongsheng, Li & Fung, Universal, Asus,Xin San Fa, Zhongyu, Rongsheng and many other companies(with representative pictures), Koway sets up a professional engineering team in Yunfu,Fujian and other places, to serve the stone industry with professional and efficient attitude..With good performance on Block Reinforcement,domestic and foreign customers have been unanimously affirmed, orders flocked!