Koway's vacuum perfusion experiment finished successfully!

2017-09-29 17:07:58 admin 5

Recently, Koway has conducted a vacuum perfusion field experiment in Shuitou,on two golden butterfly blocks with granular crushing which is provided by Guangming Stone.Koway uses high permeability vacuum perfusion adhesive,with use of professional vacuum equipment and accessories, let it suck into the block gaps , The outer package is integrated with internal perfusion reinforcement. During the experiment, many people in the stone industry watched my company vacuum injection, and highly praised my company's research and development of vacuum infusion technology, but also look forward to cooperate with Koway next year.

This year, my company's vacuum perfusion technology will be put on the market officially . With application of this technology, it can realize the sawing yield rate to 100%, completely solve the  "chronic illness" of broken block! To Realize real low cost, high efficiency!

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