Epoxy material into the garden design vision

2011-07-20 17:00:03 Paul 5881

China's Adhesive Network Information: Park Road means the roads in the park,which is one of the basic elements of the composition of the park. It is necessary for the designer to focus on the road color,pavement material and form, etc from the practical function and aesthetic aspects of comprehensive consideration. At present the epoxy resin material began to enter the design field of vision. One is the colored stone composite concrete permeable brick: this material surface layer is complicated made, first it must be glued by natural colored granite, marble and modified epoxy resin, and then molded with the bottom of the polymer fiber porous concrete;this kind of product are very gorgeous with natural color and stone general texture, and the strength is higher than the stone; The second is the colored epoxy body-permeable brick material,which is glued by natural colored stone and imported modified epoxy resin, with a special process forming, can display a variety of artistic graphics and color lines, to give people a pleasing feeling.