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Strengthening equipment intelligent high vacuum pumps, double pump control, high stability for extraction, keep high vacuum resin infusion process collector 10 liters of collecting the excess glue seal vacuum pressure gauge vacuum meter display vacuum glue barrel 25 litres of glue equipment and accessories list reinforcement system product name product features use stainless steel vacuum infusion. Glue and glue material into the auxiliary vacuum bag of special materials, airtight, high strength into blocks, let the blocks in a vacuum in the diversion effect of diversion net of high strength, excellent adhesive glue filling process and guide blocks reinforced plastic spiral pipe guide outer spiral diversion bottom glue patent products quickly

Brand : Koway
Product type : Chemical building materials
Place of Origin : Hunan, Changsha, China
Product features :
Scope of application :
Storage mode : Keep cool and keep away from light

Equipment and accessories directory lists

Reinforcement system

Product name

Product features


Reinforced by vacuum infusion

Preparation of

Intelligent vacuum pumps

High vacuum, double pump control, high stability

For extraction, high vacuum

Resin collectors

10 l

Collect infusion process excess glue

Vacuum pressure gauges

Oil sealed vacuum table

Displays vacuum

Filling plastic buckets

25 liters, of stainless steel

Adjustable rubber and rubber


Vacuum bags

Special material gas-tight, high strength

Mounting blocks and blocks in a vacuum

Diversion network

Effect of high strength, excellent guide

Epoxy glue in the process flow and blocks outside reinforcement to enhance

Plastic spiral pipe


Quick diversion glue

End of block

Patent products, engineering plastics, high pressure resistance

For waste material into plastic and vacuum and pipe connections

Exhaust pipe

High vacuum without distortion

Vacuum-dedicated pipes

Reinforced mesh

High strength

Blocks external strengthening and reinforcement

Resin collection bags

High temperature resistance

Combined with resins for use in collecting, glue used to hold the collection

Silicone hose

Soft, elastic

Into a plastic pipe flexible connection

Pipe tees

Matching with the exhaust pipe, air tightness good

Machine application

Cable ties

Installation Guide network

Sealing tape

High bonding strength

Ventilation mat

Damage may be

Rubber mats

Soft compression

Sleeper protection uses

High-pressure perfusion

Preparation of

High pressure filling glue machine

Patented device, adjustable constant pressure automation bored

For blocks, mines and high pressure irrigation depth


Glue the mouth

Patent products, engineering plastics, high pressure resistance

For connecting blocks with machine, high pressure infusion

Cleaning agent

Equipped with solvent, clean effect is good

Cleaning glue machine

Package reinforcement


High strength

Increase package strength