Stone Composite Epoxy Technology System

Stone composite glue glue system stone composite is mainly used for marble and marble, granite, ceramic honeycomb, aluminum (aluminum) composite, glass, wood, board, plastic board and other inorganic materials of the same kind and dissimilar materials and bonding. The products are suitable for the production and processing of indoor and outdoor composite board products. They are cured under normal temperature and humidity conditions, yellowing resistance, light curing and automation, and the production and processing of the production process of pipeline painting. Product performance is much higher than the GB24264-2009 national standards, and to achieve the EU ROHS standards and LD50 environmental standards. Stone compound glue system

Brand : Koway
Product type : Chemical building materials
Place of Origin : Hunan, Changsha, China
Product features :
Scope of application :
Storage mode : Keep cool and keep away from light