Research and development

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1.Stone industry: Stone reinforcement, stone repair, stone composite, stone bonding and installation of new epoxy materials, to become the leading global advanced stone epoxy new material suppliers. The world's original stone development (blocks) technology, realize the stone mining yield and resource utilization reached 100% reinforcement, solve the problem of global technology industry for thousands of years.

2.Electronic and automotive fields: used for electronic and electrical products, electrical components, high voltage package, connector bonding, sealing and insulation; the automobile field is mainly used for bonding of automobile folding, auto parts and sealing etc..

3.Light industry technology and gem industry: used in the manufacture of light industrial arts and crafts, jewelry molding, crystal, artificial fake, artificial stones and other products.

4.Epoxy curing agent field: for the company's three major application areas, epoxy products provide independent intellectual property rights of core products, and become the industry's first solution to the whole industry chain technology and product enterprises.